Sunday, January 31, 2010

twit THAT!

This is possibly the most awesome clean energy advocacy video I have ever seen. It beats Obama making tons of speeches, to be very frank. Obama has his way of getting the message across (or not). Being the president, it's not likely he'd say "vote this, because the jerks won't want you to", but certainly there are some lessons to be learned from this video.

What makes an advocacy video effective is that it can relates to people, not just some high moral lessons, boring doctrinal lecture.

Here's a few points where this video gets me:
twit THAT,
'your senators... they don't even know how to use emails',
very very easy sharing options for multiple social networks and for emailing senators! ( you don't even have to search for your senator's email address);
and huge bonus point: Justin Long "on a mac or whatever kind of computers, regardless", and of course, wait till the very end...... "I love you" ---- how could you NOT be sold on that??!!

Therefore, please enjoy the video:

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