Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Note

I am thankful for:

Dad - I'll always love you

for professors and friends I have here at Harvard, who are absolutely amazing and kind and funny and awesome, every single one of you makes my life here so much better: Professor MacFarquhar, Iain Johnston, Matthew Baum, Gabby Blum, Fred, Allison, Ramtin, Xiaofei, Alex, Colin,Yvonna, Yoko, and the two Kai-s

for old friends who I miss terribly, and who I still turn to in times of trouble: Dan, Stephen, Matthew , Anthea, Tedde

for the lawyers with whom I had the honor of working, who have always been sources of inspiration and motivation

for Copenhagen and wind mills

for rain, ice cream, cheese and chocolates

for the Internet - twitter, mostly, and Skype, and Gmail, and Google Reader

for online shopping

for all the university libraries - though I wish they could open for longer hours

for music

for TV shows that enables me to waste my life when I should be doing course readings, especially Gossip Girl - the sheer brainlessness of which really boost self-esteem

for supernova

for Berryline

for my notebooks

for eye shades, ear-plugs, everything that dedicated their lives trying to make it slightly possible for me to sleep at nights

for mom - I miss you, despite everything

and the country I grew up in, with hate and love, mostly love

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