Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Note

I am thankful for:

Dad - I'll always love you

for professors and friends I have here at Harvard, who are absolutely amazing and kind and funny and awesome, every single one of you makes my life here so much better: Professor MacFarquhar, Iain Johnston, Matthew Baum, Gabby Blum, Fred, Allison, Ramtin, Xiaofei, Alex, Colin,Yvonna, Yoko, and the two Kai-s

for old friends who I miss terribly, and who I still turn to in times of trouble: Dan, Stephen, Matthew , Anthea, Tedde

for the lawyers with whom I had the honor of working, who have always been sources of inspiration and motivation

for Copenhagen and wind mills

for rain, ice cream, cheese and chocolates

for the Internet - twitter, mostly, and Skype, and Gmail, and Google Reader

for online shopping

for all the university libraries - though I wish they could open for longer hours

for music

for TV shows that enables me to waste my life when I should be doing course readings, especially Gossip Girl - the sheer brainlessness of which really boost self-esteem

for supernova

for Berryline

for my notebooks

for eye shades, ear-plugs, everything that dedicated their lives trying to make it slightly possible for me to sleep at nights

for mom - I miss you, despite everything

and the country I grew up in, with hate and love, mostly love

Monday, November 16, 2009

Trespassing enemy territory

Stata Center, designed by Frank Gehry

inside Stata Center

Rogers Building

Newton, one of the physics buildings

Maclaurin Building