Sunday, December 28, 2008

Global Petition for Peace in 2009

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, or Hanukkah!)

As for the New Year, I only have one wish: Peace.

Now we are seeing over 150 deaths in Gaza everyday in the last two days caused by the Israeli attacks; we are seeing bombings in Baghdad and other parts of Iraq on a daily bases; we are seeing two nuclear powers - India and Pakistan - on the brink of a war; and we continue to see innocent deaths in the African continent: Ugandan rebels' massacre of civilians in Eastern Congo, conflicts in Somalia, the coup in Guinea, and child soldiers still dying in Chad, etc. etc.

No more.

Please, in the spirit of a festival that marks a new beginning, stop the violence, and give peace a chance.

Give peace a chance - that's all I'm asking.

If you are reading this post, please take one minute, just one, sign this petition.

If you could forward it to 3 of your friends, please do it, just 3. (I'm sure you have lots more;)

Among millions and millions of planets in the universe, we are all here, on this small planet Earth together, so we need to care about the ones that may not be directly connected to us.

Please spread this message. Spread peace.

Happy New Year!

photo by Cayusa

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