Thursday, October 9, 2008

London "Memory Cloud"

If you are in London these days, you probably already saw the memory cloud at Trafalgar Square in the past two nights, if you haven't participated in this art event, today is your last chance! All you need to do is text a SMS to the artist's creation and it will appear as smoke signal above the Square. Cool, huh?

"Smoke Signals is based on one of the oldest forms of communication in recorded history dating back over 5,000 years. This experiment works as a hybrid system that explores the dynamic and spatial capacities of smoke and light in relation to contemporary mobile SMS technologies of messaging today. Smoke Signals examines a dynamic real-time interaction that writes space. Personal statements serve as input that are fed through dynamic coding that recognizes, archives and plays back a real time visualization. This visualization is then grafted onto trajectories of smoke that form a dynamic ephemeral field that is affected by all external forces in the space of performance. Through turbulence the smoke writes or erases the grafting of the inputted text. The project motivates social interaction through visualization of personal expression and a collective act of writing space."

Performances: Trafalgar Square, London (8 - 10 Oct 2008)

This new exploration of personal expression in public spaces is from Minimaforms, founded in 2002 by brothers Stephen and Theodore Spyropoulos.

via Institute of Contemporary Arts

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