Sunday, October 5, 2008

Egg + Nest=Mobile Performance Venue

After this summer's Olympic Games, you are probably already familiar with Beijing's new pride: the Nest (Olympic Stadium), and the Egg (National Theater), and now this Mobile Performance Venue, designed by Norway’s various architects, seems like a perfect combination of both elements, at a much lower price tag. It has inflatable façade and can hold up to 3,500 people. The best thing is, the structure that you can basically collapse and fold is 100% recyclable and the whole unit fits in 30 standard shipping contianers and the whole structure takes 2 weeks to assemble and 1 week to disassemble.

It's commissioned by the performance group Identity of the Soul, which will put on the first performance in London - and that's of course, the first stop of this gorgeous venue.

via world architecture news

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