Thursday, July 17, 2008

One-line Comments on Recent Chinese News

Beijing’s power supply capability increased 124 percent from 2001 (China Daily)

- How much of the power is from coal power stations, may I ask?

(Ironically, ) China on brink of electricity shortfall. (FT)

- You see, that's where totalitarian comes in handy - the whole country for one city.

China seizes 46m illegal publications. (China Daily)

- Illegal publication or illegal censorship? Isn't it just convenient that the rule is so loosely set?

2.9 million RMB to buy a mobile phone number. (cnBeta)

- Is China rich or poor? A developing country or a developed country?

The Ministry of Health commands medical procedures be halted, in order to ensure blood provision for the Olympics. (Jinghua Newspaper, in Chinese)

- I'm sorry, but this sounds like the exact definition of a "bloody Olympics".

(As if that's not enough),
China bans sales of about 1000 medicines that contain ingredients of stimulant drugs. And that includes cough syrup. (

- Don't get sick!

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