Friday, July 4, 2008

Kafka's Journey

July 3 marks Franz Kafka's 125th birthday. Czech photographers commemorate him with The Journey of Franz K., capturing the writer's expedition in black and white through Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland.


Grosser Stern Square with Victory Column

View from Charles Bridge to Anchor's Island. Kafka's favorite place for walking.

11 August. Nothing, nothing. How much time the publishing of the little book takes from me and how much harmful, ridiculous pride comes from reading old things with an eye to publication. Only that keeps me from writing. And yet in reality I have achieved nothing, the disturbance is the best proof of it. In any event, now, after the publication of the book, I will have to stay away from magazines and reviews even more than before, if I do not wish to be content with just sticking the tips of my fingers into the truth. How immovable I have become! Formerly, if I said only one word that opposed the direction of the moment, I at once flew over to the other side, now I simply look at myself and remain as I am.

from The Diaries of Franz Kafka

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