Friday, June 27, 2008

Self-efficient Amphibian City for Climate Refugees

You are probably tired of hearing about climate change, but millions of people will become homeless because of rising sea levels and mutated ecosystem. International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) estimated 150 million environmental refugees by 2050, 20 million alone from Bangladesh. Now maybe this Vicent Callebaut's Lilypad offers a haven for these future climate refugees?

According to Archinect:

LILYPAD is a true amphibian - half aquatic and half terrestrial city - able to accommodate 50,000 inhabitants and inviting the biodiversity to develop its fauna and flora around a central lagoon of soft water collecting and purifying the rain waters. This artificial lagoon is entirely immersed, ballasting the city. It enables inhabitants to live in the heart of the sub aquatic depths. The multi functional program is based on three marinas and three mountains dedicated to work, shopping and entertainment. The whole set is covered by a stratum of planted housing in suspended gardens and crossed by a network of streets and alleyways with organic outline. The goal is to create a harmonious coexistence of humans and nature, exploring new modes of cross-cultural aquatic living.

Sounds great, now let's wait to see the price tag.

Aerial views of the maldivian atolls

The three mountains are ecological niches, aquaculture fields and biologic corridors

Vicent Callebaut

Vicent Callebaut

Aerial view of the Principality of Monaco

Night view of the Lilypads from Monte-Carlo

(images from Pixelab and yatzer.)

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