Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Music on Paper

These are miscellaneous findings at bibliodyssey - book illustrations relating to music and musicians.

from a 1672 Salzburg manuscript, Speculum Muscio-Mortuale by baroque composer Abraham Megerle(s). The above Megerle images are nearly the total on display at the Universitätsbibliothek Salzburg (translation page)

'Cantorinus ad Eorum Instructionem' Luce Antonii Junte, 1540.

Pablo Casals (lithograph, 1955), by Lorenzo Homar

Composición Atonal, by Lorenzo Homar
(Pen and ink on paper, 1962)
John Kennedy, Spanish ?Head of State, Pablo Casals, Dean Rusk, General Franco

Sgt. Everett Gould, Fitchburg, Mass., by Lorenzo Homar
Homar 44 New Guinea
"By his looks and playing, I'd say he belongs with Hackett at Nick's"
(Pen and ink, watercolor, pencil on paper)

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