Wednesday, June 25, 2008

If you can only access 3 websites in the world, what will they be?

As I was reading the RSS in my Google Reader and complain about China's block on feeds, a random question came to my mind:

If you can only access THREE websites in the world (for the rest of your life), what will they be?

(excluding RSS reader, start-page, etc., which contain contents from multiple sources)

Google, my most often used website is out of the question because it doesn't really contain anything on its own. Even Google Books don't really have many full-length ones to my interest.

My second thought is New York Times. It's rich in information, and a good combination of hard news and leisure reads.

Then naturally came BBC. Sometimes I think the amount of stuff available on BBC is crazy: from streaming music and videos to language learning, to history and technology. Britain doesn't need an open university, every piece of learning is contained in BBC. If BBC is more political-biased, it might just become a Big Brother. This thought is scary, really. Because if I'm only going to use 3 websites in the world for the rest of my life, I don't want to desperately fall into the hands of the Brit-Americans.

In the meantime, a couple of music websites slip through my mind, like Naxos Library, where, with a subscription, you can streaming millions of classical and jazz CDs. Also YouTube, with a considerable and growing collection of education materials, documentaries, and classical music.

I also lingered over some shopping websites like Amazon, ABE books, Etsy, etc. that used to save my so much trouble (and give me so much delight) - living without them will be hard.

And should I throw in I still have to update, right? Or... if I can only use 3 websites, maybe I don't need updates at all, after all, where are the risks?

The decision has been made. Okay, the Great Firewall of China, take the rest and leave me:

1. Zenbe (it's a beta email service with gorgeous interface, build-in easy-access To-do-list and calendar, and incoorperated Zenbe page which allows you to share stuff with friends, etc. Overall much better than Gmail. I might blog about it next time)

2. BBC

3. iTunes Music Store

Now, what's your selection?

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