Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fresh Korean Illustration

THE CHILDREN awoke in their dreaming
While earth lay dewy and still:
They followed the rill in its gleaming
To the heart-light of the hill.

Its sounds and sights were forsaking
The world as they faded in sleep,
When they heard a music breaking
Out from the heart-light deep.

It ran where the rill in its flowing
Under the star-light gay,
With wonderful colour was glowing
Like the bubbles they blew in their play.

From the misty mountain under
Shot gleams of an opal star;
Its pathways of rainbow wonder
Rayed to their feet from afar.

The dawn in the room was straying:
The children began to blink,
When they heard a far voice saying
“You can grow like that if you think.”

The sun came in yellow and gay light:
They tumbled out of the cot:
And half of the dream went with daylight
And half was never forgot.

-- A. E. Russell (1867–1935)

These beautiful illustrations are from Korean artist Jun. It was the series on a couple of kids playing music that first caught my eyes, but as I went through the whole collection, I just can't resist loving all of them, and that is why instead of the collection on music, here you see some selective pieces from a variety of themes. Do head over to the website and see the rest. If you'd like to calm down in this hot summer night, like myself, it will surely help.

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