Monday, March 10, 2008

my fav designer

Dave Werner

Check out his astonishingly-beautiful portfolio here. I particularly like the work he did for The Kennedy Center,
Dave Werner's Portfolio 2006

and the reflect/ respect project that features stories women tells about their self-reflecting image. Often these stories hurt, and Dave explores to use this project to change the social pressure on women to be skinny, to let the women know they are all beautiful and to warn the men about the harm of their seemingly casual remarks about women's body. In his video, he openly admitted several failed attempts in developing this project, and finishing product is touching, unique and "reflective". . Do watch the videos, he has used very sweet backdrop music also.

Here's a link to the original Real Image project, a collection of the anonymous stories women sent to him about their self-image.

Dave Werner's Portfolio 2006

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