Friday, February 22, 2008

Panda Diary

... waaa. the day I was born...(the doc cutting off the umbilical cord)

second day of my life, they say I look like a cat...

third day, trying to stand up.

one week, time to get some hair on.

20 days, still can't see. struggling to open my eyes.

25 days, now I finally begin to resemble my mom, huh?

30 days, in special care, some guy says I look like a piggy...

35 - 40 days, now I can regain my kingdom! I can travel here, and here, until I drop...

70 - 80 days, still can't open my eyes, geez...

90 days, stretch, and nice dream. my sleep posture leaves a nice photo-op:)

finally, transformation complete! Cheers!

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