Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Full-Length Quality Documentaries on YouTube

I have collected brilliant classical music concert videos on YouTube before (and here and here ), and just a couple of months ago, I came across some awesome full-length documentaries on YouTube. Since they should be copyrighted material, there's really no saying when they would be taken off, but why not have a look while they are available?

Below are some of the best-made and highly-informative documentaries on YouTube. Since each has many episodes, I'm only giving out the link to the first one, you can find the rest in the Channel if the other episodes don't pop up immediately besides this one:)

For downloading these videos, I recommend Miro, a free, open-source software available for Mac, PC and Linux. It allows you to subscribe to video RSS feeds, and search Youtube, Google, etc videos within the software and easy-download. The playlist could solve you the trouble of opening a dozen windows ( risking freezing the browser) and switch tab after each video is played.

In the footsteps of Alexander The Great (BBC):Part 1 of 31

God's Christian Warriors (CNN):Part 1 of 11

God's Jewish Warriors (CNN):Part 1 of 11

God's Muslim Warriors (CNN):Part 1 of 11

Clash of the Worlds: Palestine (BBC): Part 1 of 7

Clash of the Worlds: Sudan (BBC): Part 1 of 7

Special Investigations Unit Pakistan: Terror Central (CNN): Part 1 of 6

Karachi Uncovered (BBC): Part 1 of 3

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