Friday, January 4, 2008

Foster Designs The Biggest Building on Earth

Foster   Partners

Foster   Partners

The world's biggest structure will soon erect in Moscow with the design from Foster + Partners. Crystal Island,a “city inside a building” costs $4B (USD), standing 27 million square foot, reaching almost 1,500ft into the sky and housing up to 30,000 residents.
Lord Foster, 72, said: "Crystal Island is one of the world's most ambitious building projects and it represents a milestone in the 40 year history of the practice.

"It is the largest single building in the world, creating a year-round destination for Moscow and a sustainable, dynamic new urban quarter.

"It is a paradigm of compact, mixed-use, sustainable city planning, with an innovative energy strategy and 'smart' skin which buffers against climate extremes."

However, some observers have likened the new Moscow skyscraper to a “Christmas tree” and dismissed it as “brash” and “vulgar”. But seeing these gorgeous designs, one just cannot help marveling at its magnificent beauty.

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