Thursday, November 1, 2007

Worst Symphony Ever?

I was listening to Karsten Gundermann's "Abendland," Symphony for the Grand Orchestra, premiered in the 2007 Beethovenfest in Bonn on September 21th, and it was not until my friend walks into my room and I subconsciously turn off the stereo that it occurred to me how terrible this piece is. - I was really embarrassed for my friend to know I'm listening to such music, and it was not like I was listening to Britney, it was a piece from Beethovenfest!!! But seriously, it's bad.

I have friends who study composing in Juilliard and though they maybe amateurish compared to this Hier Gundermann, their music never make me compelled to wash my ears after listening to it. Speaking of washing ears, I remember Samuel Adler once said: "The Scriabin Piano Concerto, oh what a piece of garbage--it was so bad I had to take a shower after hearing it!"

Bad compositions find company!

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