Sunday, October 7, 2007

Invisible Artist Becomes Million-Dollar Icon

He's been labeled as an "anarchist", "guerrilla artist", the "invisible man" (The New Yorker, Lauren Collins), but the Banksy today is anything but invisible. The Wooster Collective has commented on the Banksy Effect: how a street artist gains so many fans and the art for the "outsider" becomes faddish. They are not the first one to coin the term, CNN used "Banksy Effect" all the way back in Dec, 2006. But now, Bansky is bigger than just an "effect", in fact, he'Graffiti May Total $2 Mln at Auctions, Gay Bar.

To Bansky's fans, he's omni-present, he's seen all around London, Brighton and Bournemouth; he's at the West Bank barrier; and his new work (?) appeared in Bristol, his home town, but to those serious collectors and biographers, Bansky might just be a little bit too mysterious. He once displayed a dead rat in London's Natural History Museum, he installed a Guantanamo bay inmate inside the Disney Thunder Mountain Railroad ride, but so far, he has not revealed his real name.

To know more about Bansky, go to his website, or read LA Weekly interview and Guardian Hattenstone's interview with Banksy.

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