Tuesday, October 2, 2007

College Survey in Stickers

College isn't as bad as we thought (or I thought) and Reed College simply rocks. -- That's all I learned from a recent Times article Don't Worry, Be Students.

The New York Times conducted a series of surveys: telephone polling with a sample of 271 college graduates under age 30; online surveys of more than 1,300 graduates, most in the class of 2002, from UPenn, Reed College and the University of Michigan. They presented the results of the survey using colorful stickers (as seen below) and almost with every question, Reed has distinguished itself as a leading sui generis icon.

It's not just because Reed ranked highest in overall undergraduate experience and “prepared you for the work you are currently doing”, but also because its non-conformity. Reed says no to college rankings, and embraces a “conference” style of learning, which the alums love Reed for it and really opened up students' way of thinking, ideas and inspirations.

The poll says only 5% graduates would change their school if they could live back 4 years, but if I'm gonna change a school, it's gonna be Reed.

[Infographic by Yokoland]

How would you rate your overall experience as an undergraduate student?

Infographic by Yokoland

Looking back, what part of your undergraduate college education do you value most now?

[Infographic by Yokoland]

What qualities were very or somewhat important when you were deciding which undergraduate college to attend?

[Infographic by Yokoland]
Do you think that a college education is necessary for people to be successful at their work?

[Infographic by Yokoland]
If you could relive your college years, what would you do differently?

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