Sunday, September 9, 2007

Back to School, Back to Blogging

Okay, I know this blog has been deserted for a while. Excusably so. It's the verge of end-of-summer and beginning-of-school, when things that seemed to just come to order become volatile again and topple over one another. This semester is another busy one, as when all semesters started, (later on, you begin to know which classes you could skip and which activities/meetings you could say "unavailable" to), but as it's the junior year, I decided to "play it safe", skipping as few classes as possible.

So, what's on this semester? A bunch of boring English literature courses, which belongs to my major; plus the journalism courses I begged the journalism school to allow me to take and the ones I decided to sit in in, including Writing for Publication (post-graduate), Studies of Successful Journalists, News Photography, Media Methodology and Academic Writing (senior), News Reading, Hot Issues in International News, and Media Literacy (taught by a nice Australian who used to be a guitarist in a self-promoting band:)

In addition, I still cannot drop the AIDS/HIV projects I've been doing. Now extending the cooperation with CDYF and Loving Source. Reach upon the citizen education and art education for children in China's AIDS villages and migrant children.

And of course, debating.

Lots of reading.

I'll also be doing Prof. Bosco's upcoming Shakespearean play, as I promised last year.

So much work so little time. But I know at times, I would find myself sneak watching some soap TV shows again...

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