Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Recently Found Interesting Designs

designed by mobilet, the french-australian team of Tanguy Le Moing and Antonia Pesenti.

animob: a graphic puzzle produced in laser-cut acrylic featuring a series of interlocking animal shapes available now at Koskela, Kidostore, The Hive gallery.


Cup Ring by Yusuke Fujinuma and Yoko Yamazaki. Do you take this tasty beverage to be a most thirst-quenching liquid treat?

I do.

Yusuke Fujinuma and Yoko Yamazaki's Cup Ring for Floyd not only looks elegant as you grip a sip, but is quite deceptive upon unboxing, especially if it's been given as a gift. Sooo...don't give it to someone who adores jewelry unless they adore coffee and tea even more.

via mocoloco

These cute rings are designed by Toronto artist, Anneke van Bommel. She loves to explore themes in the Canadian culture in her jewelry designs.


A concept kitchen developed by Ora-Ïto for Slovenian domestic appliance brand Gorenje will appear in Myhaylivski Square in Kiev this week in the latest stop on its tour of European capitals.

via dezeen


Staying at a hospital or visiting a dentist are mostly unpleasant events, even if you were there just to get a little nip-and-tuck or have your teeth whitened. The universal ugliness and dullness of those bland walls and uninspiring furnishings is surely not going to make you feel better. Plastic surgeons, spas and hair salons fare a bit better, but even most of them are just paying lip service to design or luxury with no real imagination, nothing that makes a lasting impression. Except a few. We’ve seen some that have undergone real makeovers and we want more! Let us know where the coolest places of beautification are – from hospitals, plastic surgeons, dentists to hair salons, spas, manicurists... By Tuija Seipel.

via the cool hunter
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