Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Classy Museum Extension Design

Holl has placed a row of translucent glass boxes down a hill to the right of the old museum. Photograph by David S. Allee.
Photograph by David S. Allee, from The New Yorker

Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic, Paul Goldberger, in The New Yorker, reviewed Steven Holl's extensive for Nelson-Atkins Museum, in Kansas City: "As it turns out, the building, which will open in June, is not just Holl’s finest by far but also one of the best museums of the last generation. Its boldness is no surprise, but, in addition, it is laudably functional, with a clear layout, handsome and logically designed galleries, and a suffusion of natural light. Furthermore, Holl’s five glass structures, punctuating the hill, don’t mock the old building as you might expect; they dance before it and engage it."

Images from New York Times, Roland Halbe/Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

The exterior of the Bloch Building at night.By subtly interweaving his building with the museum’s historic fabric and the surrounding landscape, Mr. Holl has produced a work of haunting power.

The interior of the new Bloch Building Lobby Lens.

The southernmost lenses of the Bloch Building illuminated at night.

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