Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tell Me the Color of Paris

... Black and White

The mysterious man (via Vineus)
You can see this picture glued in a lot of places in the streets of Paris, especially near the center of the town.

Time (via yveslorson)
taken at the Musée d'Orsay - from "Paris Je t'Aime"

Street Scene, Paris (via phil h)

Metro 1 : Metro Franklin Roosevelt (via Pibette)

Parisian Valetine (via Knottyy)

This is a REALLY old picture, before I even knew hardly anything about photography. More of just a snapshot, but came out with such feeling that I held onto it, so please don't look at it from a technical standpoint.

It was taken in Paris on Valentine's Day, 1999. These two were SO in love with each other. People were walking all around them, but they were so into their passion that they didn't notice anything but each other. There was something magical about this shot to me...

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