Sunday, July 1, 2007

iPhone Review

Birthday today; iPhone is released today - see the connection here?
For a Mac fan like me, it's only natural that I should get an iPhone for birthday present, right? YEAH!!!!
So - the Top 3 Reasons to get an iPhone:

1. come on, face it, everyone who doesn't have one wants one, secretly or openly; everyone who has one is showing it off; the ones in the middle are those waiting in the line to get one.
2. GREAT GREAT APPS - iPod, camera, safari, youtube (with wi-fi) all work just magically fast, and of course, beautifully, the screen is just amazing!
3. touch, very sensitive, very accurate. smooth scrolling, I guess that's what Steve Jobs call "scrolls like butter", lol.
I was a little bit worried about, you know like the scratches on my iPod use to make my heart ache, and iPhone just seems to be more exposed to scratches and all, but the thing is, trust me, the screen is so bright you can't see them at all.

So here's a little bit information for your convenience:

Be sure to check out JAJAH, an incredibly low-rate VoiP web app. Use your iPhone with Jajah to save you some bucks every month:)

And below's a rather funny parody of iPod & iPhone.

True, some people complain iPhone is too functionally rich to serve as a cell phone, you need to bring up the menu and then select phone to dial. But don't forget, you could create your own finger-gesture shortcut ^^

So, GO iPhone!!!

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