Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How to Read More

Lifehack just listed 14 ways to cultivate reading habit, starts with "realize that reading is highly enjoyable", a bit of vague but the rest of the list consists of something quite useful (though most of them are commonsense) such as "set times" (this I believe works for no one, otherwise we would have our new-year resolution all work out, which it never has) and "always carry a book", "find a quiet place", "keep a log" (yeah, I'd love to, but I'd have to read first in order to keep a log, which in this case is something I never do) and "have a reading day/ library day" (again, I'd love to put it on my schedule, but I'll have to follow the schedule for this work, which I never do). So my suggestion will be a combination of the following tips:

  • Make a list. create a Gmail account for your book list, and email the address every time you hear about a good book. Now your inbox will be your reading list. When you’ve read a book, file it under “Done”. If you want, you can even reply to the message (to the same address) with notes about the book, and those will be in the same conversation thread, so now your Gmail account is your reading log too.
  • Blog it. One of the best ways to form a habit is to put it on your blog. If you don’t have one, create one. It’s free. Have your family go there and give you book suggestions and comment on the ones you’re reading. It keeps you accountable for your goals.
  • Set a high goal. Tell yourself that you want to read 50 books this year (or some other number like that). Then set about trying to accomplish it. Just be sure you’re still enjoying the reading though — don’t make it a rushed chore

1. Set a high goal and post it on your blog or facebook post (if you are a student), but be sure to make it seen by many people and your friends, so that you won't feel so good if you are not sticking to your plan/ goal.

2. Whenever you read a book, blog it, or at least tick it in your reading list, let your friends cheer you (something you could get at 43 things too.)

It works magic! Nothing likes peer encouragement / pressure.

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