Thursday, June 28, 2007

How Many Twitter-Clone Sites Are There ?

Twitter is like the most popular feed alert system on the web right now, oh correction, you can actually sent twitters and get updates using IM, SMS, or email. And now this twitter fever has evoked hundreds of similar sites, below is just an incomplete list of those Twitter-Clones. Just crazy....

from Germany Impressive feature set, active community, also available with local numbers for Austria and Switzerland.

from Japan (update:5.25) (update:6.7)

from Korea

from India

from China (update:6.10) (update:6.12) (update:6.17) (update:6.21)

Chinese Twitter-like sites: (update:6.25)

from European Countries (English,Italiano,Francais)
from Span (update:5.26)
from Poland (update:5.27)
from France
from Netherlands (update:6.17)
from Hungary (update:6.17)

from USA (update:6.5) (update:6.8) (update:6.22) (update:6.27)

Other Twitter-like sites (update:5.26) (update:5.26) (update:6.17)

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