Monday, May 21, 2007

One Hour No Power

At midday On Sunday July 1st 2007

we are asking everyone concerned about the effects of climate change to simply turn everything off for an hour. That is one hour with no cars, mobile phones, televisions, household appliances or any other non-vital equipment. We would also like as many businesses as possible to join in and publicly show their commitment to tackling climate change. Effectively, we want to unplug the world for an hour or at least your little bit of it.

One Hour No Power is not just another event about raising our awareness of global warming; after all, the media has been pretty good at scaring us all silly on that one. One Hour No Power is an event to raise awareness of our collective ability to tackle climate change through our everyday lives.

This is a people powered event for all, old and young, multi race, multi faith, as well as for those of no faith. It is an opportunity for us to come together and publicise an event ourselves, help to shape it, swap green ideas and talk to each other instead of being talked to.

It is up to you how you spend the hour. You could hold a sponsored event for your favourite environmental group, take to the roads on your bike, hug a tree (while stocks last), write your personal green action plan for the coming year or even hold a John and Yoko style love-in.

Visit for more information about how you can join in.

Please help to promote One Hour No Power by circulating this email to friends and family.

Thank You!

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