Monday, April 30, 2007

7 Reasons for Hating My University

1. Construction
They started the construction of the new stadium over a year ago, digging here and there, slaughtering trees, creating waste, dust, and noise. Hate it, hate it, HATE it.

2. GPA system, or rather the lack of it
Can't you even believe that, a top university without a standardized GPA system? Every time I apply to something that needed a transcript and GPA, I have to calculate it and draw the graphic sheet myself.

3. Selective courses, or rather the monotony of them
Go head, select 2 courses among 14, which, I might add, are largely the same. No chemistry, no physics, no art, no musical, purely economical or political or history of one civilization or the other.

4. Bureaucracy
You can never get anything done without four or five signatures: tutor, head tutor, head of the department, head of another department that is slightly related to what you want to achieve, head of the student office, etc, etc. And yeah, even if you have been preparing for the "Spring" Concert for one year, if the president of the university is out on business, you have to wait until he comes back to put on the show, even if it means at least a hundred students' schedule would have to be changed and that the time clashes with their final exams or abroad programs or whatever.

5. Conservatism
If you come back dorm after curfew, which is 11:30 PM, you are dead. If you come back with a guy and as it happens a teacher witnessed he taking off his coat putting it on you because of the chilliness, you are extra-dead. It is not only "highly inappropriate", but also (if you are unfortunate enough to be the president of student union) means you are "setting up a bad example for the fellow students". And if you are not well-tempered enough to keep your head low while hearing these ridiculous comments but instead asked to resign, DOOM, "Self-examine yourself! Write a letter of contemplation of at least 10,000 words!"

6. Freedom, a vacuumed space of
Essay mentioning the 1989 massacre, censored.

7. Flexibility, Zero
You think you are so great that you are accept in all the most competitive programs you applied and are invited to some of the most important competitions in the world and you can just go and leaving the tedious, suffocating, retarded schoolwork to when you come back? NO WAY! You gotta stay where you are, correcting your teacher when she mispronounce "maneuver" or claim Woodrow Wilson is the twenty-sixth president of the US. Even you get 100 in the exam, you've got to stick around and (most importantly) stay awake when your teacher spent 4 hours to explain it.

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