Saturday, March 25, 2006

Italian Art Exhibition

As part of 2006 Year of Italy in China Inaugural Exhibition, an exhibition titled Italian Renaissance Art is on in Beijing World Art Museum. Being a crazy fan of Italian Renaissance art, I couldn't wait to see it.

In fact, before I rushed to see it, some friends already told me not to build up my hope too high, especially after I've been working for the British Museum Exhibition, the art works in this exhibition may not be so enchanting.

Anyway, I went to the Beijing World Art Museum today. The exhibits include: Sandro Botticelli's Pallade col, Sant' Agostino nello studio, Stant' Agostino and Stanta Monica; Filippino Lippi's San Giovanni Battista; Alessop Baldovinetti's Fragment of wall painting; Andrea del Castagno's Pippo Spano; Masaccio's Madonna of Cardinal Antonio; lorenzo di Credi's Venere; Francesco di Gorgio's The Man of Sorrow (Christ); Paolo di Gualdo Cattaeo's Annanciation; Francesco de Sangallo's Bust of Govannide Medici; Beatio Angelico's Sposalizio della Vergine; Pietro del Pollaiolo's Ritratto muliebre; Tullio Lombardo's Bust of Christ; Raffael's Ritratto di Francesco maria della Rovene; Andrea del Sarto's Anoritratto; Brozino's Ritratto defranciulla con libro; Giuliano Bugiardini; Lorreggio's Barto lomeo Ammanati; Jaopo Tintonetto; Paolo Veronese; Tiziano; Francesco Morandini detto "Poppi"; Domenico Tintorette; Guercino; Michelangelo Merisi's David and had of Golia; Bonito; Solimena's Autoritratto; Ginseppe Bezzuoli; Angelica Kaufmann; Anton Domenico; Baciccio; Vincenzo Dandini and of course, there's a small drawing by Leonado Da Vinci.

Now you probably would think Ella is insane, or showing off how much notes I have taken while visiting. But it's not my intention. I just want to show you what the exhibit was like. Yes, the reason why they said it's so disappointing is that only very few pieces are from well-known artists, some are even anonymous. And... well... I have to say, even those from great artists are not very satisfying. Let's take the Raffael's piece for example, it's a tempera on wood, but not depicting his famous virgins, but some noble man. And the Da Vinci sketch is placed in a wall, the only display on the whole wall, covers about 95 square inches. You could just imagine how many people tried to squeeze in the crowd gathered around the painting to see it.

Still, it was an interesting exhibition. Renewed my wish to go to Italy;)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I Passed!!!

I passed! I can't believe that. Count the time I was actually reciting the script, it hardly amount to eight hours.
I went to the museum in the morning (I was supposed to take the test at 1 pm), I tried to locate where every exhibit is and listen to some professional interpretor talking about them. Luckily, I found one pretty quickly. (as a matter of fact, he's the only interpretor there) Among all the crowd, there's one place you couldn't even squeeze in, and that's where the interpretor was:) He just came to Djeho's inner coffin. He's a very attractive young man, with very good manner and nice voice. I followed him closely, or at least I tried, I tried to hear what he was saying. When we came to the mummy=board, I asked a question, and another when we came to the Kouroi of Ancient Greek. Then as we turned to Ancient Rome, he asked me about my test. He was nice, I like the way he looks at me and smiles when he's doing the interpretation.
He managed to give me some tips whenever he found a second he was not buzzed by the crowd. Seeing he was so busy, I went away to see if there was any staff that could tell me about the test. So far, I didnt' know anything, except the time.
Fortunately, I met another young lady. She's probably the nicest girl I've ever met. She's pretty, she's nice, she's kind. She's a natural beauty, only wears light makeup. And the way she smiles, it makes me believe we've known each other for years. With her help, I began to feel a little confident about myself. When it's noon, she said she would introduce me to the best interpretor there. Guess what, it's the young man I just met! She told me he's only 22. Then he told me she's only 18, same as me. I couldn't believe that. I still have at least four years to go before I start working of any kind. We were just beginning to chat when two girls approached the young man, and asked his name, then they poped up a tough question. I was surprised, because we already walked far away, and he was not on duty any more, besides, that really was a tough tough question. I was even more surprised when he gave a perfect, clear and full answer, covering almost every issue of the subject. I was amazed.
Then I said I would eat in the McDonalds and they went to lunch. But I was too inconfident to leave the museum. I went back in, until it's time for the test.
It was easier than I expected. We went in with several experts, the leader just called your name and pointed at an exhibit, and you began to talk.
I always hope I would get to talk about Ancient Greek or Roman art, but I got Early European: a bronze-shield, and a Sutton Hoo helmet. There really wasn't much to talk about. I could go on and on for hours introducing a Roman statue, but facing a shield and helmet... well... I thought I must be doomed, but surprisingly, the expert said I did pretty good.
So I passed...

The story doesn't end here.
Not long before I got out the museum and went into a McDonaults did I got a message from the vice president of the Classical Music Society, they loved my posters! Things couldn't have been better, right? Just a few hours ago, I thought I would fail in everything. But now, it seems that I did perfectly well in all of these. I even found the eight models!
Oh, Ella, you are a genius!
I shouldn't have thought so so early.
I lost my way back.
I went completely the other direction, it wasn't after an hour, did I realised my mistake.
So, okay, I may know something about art, music, history and literature. I may have some talent in science and technology. But I have the world's worst sense of direction:) I'm lost...
At the end of the day, I got a theory: if you don't press yourself hard enough, you'll never know how far you can bounce back.