Sunday, October 8, 2006

AIESEC Interview

Back from the AIESEC interview. One room, 13 people, 10 interviewees. Began with introduction, proceeded with a stupid game, an unsuccessful team project, a super fun collaborating game (building a tower using newspaper), and ended with a long Q&A session.
So how did I do? That's what every one is asking. Well, I felt silly at first, all these questions about "supposing you are the city committee, select five words from the blackboard as the key values of your city". I mean, this is so hypothatical that it sounds just ridiculous. For one, a city is never going to be depended solely on five values. Besides, these values are so broad that with a little twist of meaning, they basicly could mean the same. Take a look at some of the words: family, love, achievement, awarding excellence, etc.
Anyway, the last game, the tower-building was pretty fun. So I think it's worth the time:)
In the Q&A session, instead of asking what their main programs are, which are business or finance related, I asked about volunteering programs like war-relief programs or campaign against aids. The interviers, two AIESEC members from Peking University, must be pissed off, and said "okay, I want to know in what programs the majority is interested". Haha! That's the happiest time in the interview!
Let me clarify this, I didn't really want to get in AIESEC. After all, it's business is really about business. And I have this prejudice against finance/ business stuff (no offense, Matthew~). So I'd be surprised if I got in. Then I'll probably have to explain why I applied when I didn't want to join.
The answer is quite simple, really. For Matthew. He's quite enthusiastic about it, and well, if we are really connected as I always believe we are, then my applying may give him a better chance of getting in:) Weird logic, I know, or, it's not logical at all. Women are strange creatures. Look out.

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