Thursday, September 14, 2006

China Open

Grace got two tickets to China Open today, Nikolay Davydenko playing Gergorc. To tell the truth, I've never watched a tennis game before in my life. This is the first one, and live. It surely was very impressive.
At first, I was surprised at how clearly I can see the game. I know it sounds stupid, but I always imagined watching tennis is like watch Quidditch in Harry Potter, far from above and with a pair of binoculous. But this is not the case. I can see the players very well. Every step, every swing. It was awesome! And the bonus is, at the end of each game, you have a chance to catch one signed tennis ball:)
I'm kind of really busy these days, so I couldn't write more about this game, not that I have much to say about it. After all, it's just the first tennis game I saw and coincidently today I took my first tennis lesson.
I remember yesterday, the professor teaching Western Media Literacy talked about the bad bloggers, write nothing more than eating and drinking daily routines. When I reflected on it later, I found myself inevitably one of these lousy bloggers who has no brain for serious thinking, at least on the web page. So maybe I'll have to write about nonproliferation next time, haha
Ps: He's the most distinguished professor in the university by the way, and also my favorite.

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