Sunday, March 19, 2006

I Passed!!!

I passed! I can't believe that. Count the time I was actually reciting the script, it hardly amount to eight hours.
I went to the museum in the morning (I was supposed to take the test at 1 pm), I tried to locate where every exhibit is and listen to some professional interpretor talking about them. Luckily, I found one pretty quickly. (as a matter of fact, he's the only interpretor there) Among all the crowd, there's one place you couldn't even squeeze in, and that's where the interpretor was:) He just came to Djeho's inner coffin. He's a very attractive young man, with very good manner and nice voice. I followed him closely, or at least I tried, I tried to hear what he was saying. When we came to the mummy=board, I asked a question, and another when we came to the Kouroi of Ancient Greek. Then as we turned to Ancient Rome, he asked me about my test. He was nice, I like the way he looks at me and smiles when he's doing the interpretation.
He managed to give me some tips whenever he found a second he was not buzzed by the crowd. Seeing he was so busy, I went away to see if there was any staff that could tell me about the test. So far, I didnt' know anything, except the time.
Fortunately, I met another young lady. She's probably the nicest girl I've ever met. She's pretty, she's nice, she's kind. She's a natural beauty, only wears light makeup. And the way she smiles, it makes me believe we've known each other for years. With her help, I began to feel a little confident about myself. When it's noon, she said she would introduce me to the best interpretor there. Guess what, it's the young man I just met! She told me he's only 22. Then he told me she's only 18, same as me. I couldn't believe that. I still have at least four years to go before I start working of any kind. We were just beginning to chat when two girls approached the young man, and asked his name, then they poped up a tough question. I was surprised, because we already walked far away, and he was not on duty any more, besides, that really was a tough tough question. I was even more surprised when he gave a perfect, clear and full answer, covering almost every issue of the subject. I was amazed.
Then I said I would eat in the McDonalds and they went to lunch. But I was too inconfident to leave the museum. I went back in, until it's time for the test.
It was easier than I expected. We went in with several experts, the leader just called your name and pointed at an exhibit, and you began to talk.
I always hope I would get to talk about Ancient Greek or Roman art, but I got Early European: a bronze-shield, and a Sutton Hoo helmet. There really wasn't much to talk about. I could go on and on for hours introducing a Roman statue, but facing a shield and helmet... well... I thought I must be doomed, but surprisingly, the expert said I did pretty good.
So I passed...

The story doesn't end here.
Not long before I got out the museum and went into a McDonaults did I got a message from the vice president of the Classical Music Society, they loved my posters! Things couldn't have been better, right? Just a few hours ago, I thought I would fail in everything. But now, it seems that I did perfectly well in all of these. I even found the eight models!
Oh, Ella, you are a genius!
I shouldn't have thought so so early.
I lost my way back.
I went completely the other direction, it wasn't after an hour, did I realised my mistake.
So, okay, I may know something about art, music, history and literature. I may have some talent in science and technology. But I have the world's worst sense of direction:) I'm lost...
At the end of the day, I got a theory: if you don't press yourself hard enough, you'll never know how far you can bounce back.

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