Friday, May 6, 2005

Playing By Heart

I just watched "Playing By Heart". This movie is awesome!
It showed six couple's "problems with love".

1. The old couple had some kind of "age crisis". The lady founld a
woman's picture in her husband's diary. The old man admit that though
he wanted to have sex with the other lady but he didn't because he
loved her so much. Of course, the old lady was furious on hearing
that. Let's see the quotes, it's so funny:
Hannah: And you really didn't sleep with her?
Paul: No, of course not.
Hannah: And - you didn't want to sleep with her.
Paul: Oh, God, yes.

But as the man continued his "confession" that he never forget why he
loves his wife but he could hardly remember why his wife still loves
him, and that woman remind him that he's worth loving. So though he
loves the woman, he loves his wife more. And if all this go over
again, he would have made the same decision.

2. A man had just killed his own wife and son in a car accident
because of drunkeness. He was a failure in his career too, then he
found out the man who beat him in career was having an affair with his
former wife. And so, another woman comforts him.

3. A wife was having an affair with a priest who loved his own wife
very much. They had great sex together, but after that they just
picked up their own staff and go. Damn cold and realistic.

4. A man lay in his death bed. He's gay. He's had AIDS. He's the last
man that lived in his circle.

5. A successful woman in the high of her life met a "to good to be
true guy". She's kind of having a problem in accepting the
relationship because she thought she was not ready yet. Her ex-husband
was gay.

6. (the best part of the movie!!!!) A party girl broke of her
boyfriend and had a crush on a cool guy the day she was on the
"break-off-negociation-call". But no matter how active she was, how
hard she tried, it seemed having no effect on the boy. He's too cool.
But it turned out the boy's former girlfriend died of AIDS, he loved
the party girl so much that he could not afford to harm her. They had
some very short but interesting but moving quotes, as followed:

Joan: You don't say much, do you?
Keenan: Does anyone when they're with you?

Keenan: This... isn't anything. It's not anything now and it won't be
anything ever.
Joan: WOW. Message received, end of date.

Joan: Talking about love is like dancing about architecture.

Keenan: That's the ugliest cat I've ever seen.
Joan: She's an angel.
Keenan: She only has one eye.
Joan: Yeah, but it's her good one.
Joan: Blanche can look at you with a gaze of unflappable superiority
that springs from total detachment and disinterest... not unlike how
you're looking at me know.

Keenan: You're terrific, sensational really, but I'm not right for you.

Joan: You can't treat people the way you treat them and then say
something adorable like that.

Joan: The lad doesn't say much and when he does, he finds just the
right words to crush my soul.

Keenan: This may sound corny, but... you don't want me. I'm damaged goods.
Joan: So? We're all damaged goods.

Joan: No, no, STOP. I've waited my entire life for somebody that I
cared about to tell me they loved me and if you think you're getting
out of this car now, you're INSANE.

Keenan: I can't stop thinking about you.
Joan: I love conversations that start with the guy saying "I can't
stop thinking about you." Mind you I've never actually been on the
receiving end of any of those conversations...
Keenan: Just looking at you makes me happy.
Joan: I have - I have to sit down.
[almost knocks over the chair sitting down]
Keenan: When we're together, whether or not I show it, I just can't
wait to hear the next words out of your mouth. But right now I need to
ask you to do something for me.
Joan: Anything.
Keenan: Shut up.

Keenan: What did I ever do to deserve you?
Joan: Usually that line is screamed at me by someone running out the
door, not by someone standing in front of me and staying. It makes for
a nice change.

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